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 Balloons are fun and can be sexy but other inflatables are just as sexy and just as much fun. If you like balloons then maybe you like inflatable rings, chairs etc. This is one gorgeous babe who really gets off on an inflatable ring, she slowly undresses and when she removes her panties the sond of the ring as her ass moves around is really exciting. Inflatable chairs are good for this as well and if you get a woman naked on a blow up inflatable chair then you are in for a treat. If you want to see more of this sexy babe as she enjoys herself with more rings the Click Here and check it out. You can get the full uncompressed high quality pics as well as exclusive movies Here

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smoking while riding balloon If you like to see babes riding balloons and you also think that a girl smoking is very sexy then you will love this. This cute babe rides a big ballon while smoking a cigarette. She takes in big lung fulls of smoke and blows the smoke over the ballons she has just blow up with her own soft mouth. Some of the balloons have smoke in them where she has puffed on the cigarette then blown into the balloons to inflate them. If you are into smoking then Check This Out and if you want to see some more babes with balloons then Click Here. To see more of the babe above as she rides balloons and blows smoke then See More Here

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cum over balloon A lot of people get turned on by balloon and many men wil get erect if they rub their cock over a balloon. Now imagine having a sexy woman wanking you off and rubbing you against a loon. The movie that this pic is taken from is really hot. She puts on her lacey gloves then blows up the blloon before getting his cock out and making it hard. Once its hard she wanks him gently while hitting his cock and balls with the balloon. His cock gets rock hard and makes some great noises rubbing against the rubber loon in her hand. She wanks him with her glove and the balloon and its just a matter of time before his cock is throbbing and pumping his hot cum all over the balloon… see the movie here

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 So what is a balloon fetish or any fetish for that matter?, a fetish is regarded as something that is used for sexual gratification that is not “normal” See here. When people hear the word fetish the usually think its something a bit weird or seedy. If someone likes to see girls in boots they would be said to have a fetish for boots, so therefore anyone who likes balloons is said to have a balloon fetish.  To say someone has a balloon fetish or is a balloon fetishist doesn’t mean they are weird or strange ins some way. If you like to see women with balloons wehethr they be clorhed or naked then there is nothing wrong with that and most people would not like to be called a fetishist. Nost balloon lover or looners as they are called are just ordinary people who happen to love balloon. The sounds, the shapes, the smells atec all have different affects on people.

Some people like to pop balloons while others are totaally non-pop, each to his own. When one see people on frouns having a go at someone else because they are a popper it just makes all people with a balloon fetish look bad. So some like to pop some don’t that does not mean one balloon fetish is better or worse than the other its just the one fetish for balloons might not be for that other person. There are people who like to have sex with ballons and actually cum over balloons whiles other might like to just play with balloons naked. Whatever you like to do with balloons you will find something you like Here. If you want to get some exclusive balloon movies and lots of HG pics then www.loonertic.com could be just for you with a great price as well.

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I think this can be one of the most fun and sexy things to do with balloons. If you see a woman riding a big balloon and really bouncing up and down making the balloon bulge under the pressure its just so horny. You have the fact she is riding the balloon which in itself is a turn on, well for me anyway, and then the fact you don’t know when the balloon is going to pop. The anticipation is great and every time she bounces on the loon it could be the time it pops. I could sit and watch sit to pop movies for hours and the pic below is taken from one of my favourites. She starts by blowing the big balloon up with her mouth, she goes a bit dizzy because it takes quite some blowing to get that size loon blown up. Once its inflated enough she begins by slowly rolling on it  and the sound of the balloon and the sight of her bum is just so sexy. She then removes her panties and rides it like there is no tomorrow. Check out the full movie and enjoy.

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Ok so some of us like to keep balloons and not pop them and a lot of people also like to see women with balloons but they don’t always have to be naked. I love to see a clothed woman toying with a balloon, its a bit like seeing a woman wearing stockings or totally naked many would go for the stockings. I like it when you see a woman riding a balloon, not sit to pop just bouncing gently and you might get a glimpse of her panties. Its more in the mind because you can imagine her tits bouncing and rubbing against her clothes making them hard. I’m not saying that a naked woman with a balloon is not great as well its just that sometimes I like to see a clothed woman having some fun with balloons. See More Here

clothed babe kising balloon

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Many many people love balloons and for a lot they are to be loved and cherished so the thought of destroying them is something they find very distasteful. Balloons of all shapes and sizes can be blown up and played with and then you can just leave the balloons to deflate naturally. I love to see women blow balloons and really enjoy themselves with the balloons so its very sexual. There is nothing wrong with getting aroused by balloons and there are lots and lots of people who do get some sexual gratification from balloons. If you see a woman with a balloon and naked then you will probably enjoy the site and sounds that you get from the rubber of the balloon as it rubs against her naked body. If you want to see some exclusive balloon fetish movies then Visit Here

naked girl loves balloon

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sex with balloons These two balloons feel so nice against his hard cock that he is soon having sex with the balloons. His hard cock rubs against the loons and the rubber squeeks as his cock pushes in and out of them. The balloons are so soft and bouncy that his cock is soon throbbing with delight and he knows he is going to shoot his load over them. he pulls his cock back for a bit to allow the orgasm tobuild and the as he rubs the balloons one last gentle time on the tip of his cock it explodes. His cock pulsates as it empties all of its sticky cock juice over the balloons. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL MOVIE